A subluxation is a condition of a vertebrae which has lost its proper alignment, impinges on nerves, and interferes with the transmission of mental impulses. A subluxation disrupts the flow of life from flowing freely between brain cell and tissue cell.




The spinal bones, designed to protect the sensitive spinal cord and spinal nerves, go out of alignment due to stress. The stress may be physical, mental, chemical, or emotional. With only minimal pressure on nerves, messages to and from the body may be impaired.


Subluxation 2


Subluxation means less light. With the chiropractic adjustment, movement is from less light to more light. By changing the shape of the spine, an alteration occurs in body function. As the spine moves more easily through a greater range of its motions, the whole physiology becomes more physically and emotionally flexible and adaptable. As the spine enjoys alignment, so too does the person housing it.




So come on, get happy, walk right in and enjoy a clear spine.


clear spine

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The connection between brain and body regulates health. This diagram of the safety pin cycle

illustrates the importance of making sure this communication system functions optimally.


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