About Dr. Michael A. Scimeca, D.C.


Dr. Michael graduated from Life University in March of 1993 and opened Life Force Chiropractic in Roswell, GA. He quickly become a strong advocate for natural health, lecturing on many topics such as home birthing, mind/body healing, and the psoitive use of intention and visioning. He and his wife, Allison, also a chiropractor, delivered both of their children at home "unassisted".

Dr. ScimecaIn July of 1994, he and his wife opened a satellite office in Marietta/Atlanta called Life Force Health and Wellness Centre to expand their reach and create a place for like-minded facilitators of wellness to practice. All the while, he was developing wellness systems that empower people to take back their power and their health.

Dr. Nancy Davis, a chiropractor who lived 3.5 hours away, received one of his adjustments and was so impressed she asked to be in attendance for one of his classes. He quickly replied that he was not interested in teaching his work. Her request, however, got him thinking. He began wondering what he would say if he were to teach. That inquiry led to the formulation of Catalyst. In September of 1995, he presented the first Catalyst class. Dr. Nancy Davis was in attendance, traveling 7 hours every Thursday evening for eight weeks. She repeated this devotion for years.

His languaging in describing "the work" quickly set him apart from other educators. His commitment to focus on the solution became the core of his success and it continues to propel him today. He is now the Founder of many wellness-related contributions, such as Guardianology, Dynamic Cognitive Programming, and now Neuro-Spinal Integration (NSI), a gift he gave to the chiropractic profession.

He 1994, he began doing weekend retreats for integrative wellness. Today, those weekend retreats have touched hundreds of lives. In 1998, he developed the Life Enrichment Seminar which prompted him to pen a workbook entitled the Life Enrichment System (LES).

He remains in active practice today, serving many of his original "clients." (He does not call them "patients" and instead refers to them as "participants.") His love for chiropractic is apparent in the way he lives his life - with the utmost respect for and in service to "innate intelligence."

His adjustments are marvelous and do more than align the spine. Consider this thank you note he received from one of his participants who lives out of state: "Working with you has truly helped me understand what is going on with my body and in my life and how they connect at all levels."

Testimonials like that one are why he does what he does. If it's time to get truly healthy in what you do, it's time to learn from Dr. Michael, who is much more than just a chiropractor in Roswell. As many people have found, his work and his approach are more than worth the trip. If you're looking for chiropractic in Roswell, you have a great resource. If you're looking for a coach or a partner to help you succeed, Dr. Michael can help. His work and his words are both gentle and effective. So raise the bar on your chiropractic experience. Get the results that bring about a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Life University

Dr. Michael presenting his Neuro-Spinal Integration (NSI) Seminar

Life University's 2007 Homecoming


"I feel 'stabilized' for the first time in years, possibly for the first time in my life." - Bob Mehl


Michael A. Scimeca, D. C.

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