Neuro-Spinal Integration (NSI) Seminar


Course Objective: To educate chiropractors and chiropractic students on the neurological and structural effects of tensegrity on the body and to offer a systematic approach for promoting a greater participation of wellness between nervous system and spinal system.

Statement of Purpose: To share practical information in support of advancing the knowledge and resources of attendees through the neurological-structural relationship and its influence on wellness and wellness practices.

Overview of Course: This program will progress through three main types of wellness care, each correlating directly to the three main objectives of the wellness participant: 1) Release and/or unwinding of spinal tension; 2) Spinal Hygiene / Wellness Maintenance; 3) Advanced Care for Next Level Living.

More Information About NSI


Neuro-Spinal Integration (NSI) respects neurological and musculoskeletal tensegrity and their functional relationship to each other. As the neural and spinal systems become more aware of each other, the body enjoys improvements in spinal health and functionality. With NSI, the neural system and chiropractor work together as a team to address structural changes so the spine expresses its most optimal state of health.

The neuro-spinal system is the main coordinating system for transmitting the wisdom within the body. If a disruption of optimal communication occurs between nervous system and spinal system, the body cannot self-regulate properly. To maintain the highest potential for health, we maintain a neuro-spinal system free of any interference.

By clearing the way between nervous system and spine, we enhance the communication of the body's inborn intelligence. Instead of any aberrant communication driving the functionality of the body, the wisdom of a freely functioning neuro-spinal system ensures a properly functioning body. As we have come to appreciate, the healthy functioning body needs no help. It simply needs no interference.

The subluxation hinders the full expression of one's optimal potential for health. Acting as a blockage between neural function and spinal function, a subluxation directs chiropractors where to place attention to support the free flow of innate intelligence through the body.

Chiropractors are able to correct subluxations using a host of different methods. In recognizing the intimate connection between neural system and spinal function, NSI places foundational focus on the neurological component for creating greater spinal health. Using the model of tensegrity, chiropractors address the body "in a manner consistent with the desired results." NSI gives chiropractors a cohesive vehicle for supporting the coherent expression of optimal health.

To understand the mechanism of NSI, we look closely at tensegrity. All cells, including neural cells, exhibit the qualities of tensegrity (tensional integrity). Tensegrity describes the complex interrelationship among all the structural components of the body that exists at every detectable size scale in the human body. Tensegrity represents the understanding that energy is neither created nor destroy as it relates to the distribution of forces throughout a structural system. Whether we look at a neural cell or the spine, tensegrity explains the transfer or exchange of forces on the system. Tensegrity explains why stress to one area of the body affects the overall functionality of the body.

The nervous system is responsible for the body being a receptive-based system. Through a complex matrix of receptor sites throughout the body, the nervous system perceives internal and external changes in the environment. As tensegrity explains the mechanism for structural changes occurring throughout the body, the nervous system is responsible for perceiving, responding, and adapting to these changes. The correlation between nervous system and spine is so great, in fact, it is reasonable to consider the spine itself as a main receptor site for the nervous system. Of course, the spine--in conjunction with the muscular system--is more familiarly known as providing stabilization, protection, and movement. With an understanding of the nervous system and how it functions, we can no longer afford to look at the spine in such a limited and narrow-minded way.

NSI addresses the adjustment to affect a more comprehensive change. Using an integrative system, NSI addresses the sensory system to support the dissemination and dissipation of energy through the body. Dissemination involves the distribution of the body's inborn intelligence to support the recuperative powers of the body to maintain an optimal expression of health. Dissipation involves the release and unwinding of high tension in overstressed, non-adaptive areas of the body to facilitate a healthier spinal tone.

The entire approach of NSI centers around the delivery system. By combining multiple parameters in one system, NSI offers a proper application and delivery of the adjustment. In addition, by properly utilizing the unconditional integrity of the nervous system, NSI gives chiropractors solid ground for establishing and carrying out proper management for care. Sounds good? It is. Learn how to adjust the adjustment to naturally encourage a greater, more healthier participation in life.



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